Too Tight for the Team: MFMMM+ Reverse Harem Auction Romance



I’m going to be loosened up by the tight end…
And everyone else on the football team!

I showed up at a party not knowing it was an auction.
And now the whole football team wants to buy my virginity.
My ex boyfriend, Scott, is the quarterback and leader of the team.
And he wants to punish me for not giving it to him in the past.
But he’d wanted to share me with his whole team, which scared me.
Now, I’m ready to let him—or them—pop my cherry.
But he doesn’t think so.
So, the entire team is going to loosen me up.
And then they’ll have to teach me a lesson for being the team slut!
I wanted to experience multiple men’s hands on my body.
Yet I can’t help but think they’ve won my heart, too.
Is the feeling mutual or am I just being used?

Is this going to be a one-time gangbang,
or a life-long love between my ex, all his teammates, and me?

Too Tight for the Team is the third book in an MFMMM+ auction romance installment serial featuring reverse harem romance mixed with gangbang erotica that will blow your mind with its heat level.

Content Warning: This book is TOO HOT for Amazon or other sites, so it’s only available directly from Sizzling Hot Reads. It features taboo themes like dubcon, BDSM, public humiliation sex/exhibition and voyeurism, and rough/degrading s*x… although there’s always guaranteed to be a romance theme and a happily ever after for all!

If you like steamy action between one curvy virgin and the multiple hot, strong football players who want to share her and please her (no swords cross), you’ll love this series.

It’s not necessary to read the first installment, Tackled by the Team, or the second one, Trained by the Team, to enjoy this one, although they’re best read together for maximum pleasure.

This book was published exclusively to Sizzling Hot Reads on April 15, 2023, and you can get it today for only $2.99!