Triple Connection: An MFMM Reverse Harem Romance



One little click and my whole life has been turned upside down…
by three hot, billionaire triplet brothers who want to share me!

I’m crushed when my boyfriend dumps me for still being a virgin.
At first, I’m upset because he calls me a drag.
But then I realize that maybe I do need to loosen up–just not with him!
So, I decide to seek out some fun elsewhere.
Although after I download a new dating app called “Dirty Talk,”
I start to think I’ve gotten into more than I’m prepared to handle.
Then, thanks to a steamy match with a user named “ReadyOrNot,”
I get messages proving the service to be aptly named.
My cheeks aren’t the only part of me heating up when I hear from him.
And I tell myself that I really am ready to give him my very first time.
We arrange to meet and to bring these filthy fantasies we’ve shared to life.
But it turns out “he” isn’t just “a” gorgeous guy–he’s one of three!
The identical triplets have all been taking turns flirting with me online,
and they each want to show me how they can rock my world in real life.
They’re all amazingly hot and filthy rich.
And it’s like they’re in a contest to see which one of them I’ll choose.
They’re each working very, very hard to convince me.
So much so that the things we do together get kinkier and kinkier.
Soon our bedroom escapades show me a whole new side of myself.
And no matter how much they give me, I need more.
I can’t pick between them since I want them all pleasing my body at once!
Not to mention that my heart has become just as entwined with all of theirs.

But can I manage a balancing act with these three competitive brothers?
Or will everything come crashing down three times as hard?

Triple Connection is a LONG full-length standalone MFMM reverse harem billionaire and curvy virgin romance novel featuring three men pleasing one lucky lady–no swords cross!

Published on Sizzling Hot Reads on July 16, 2023, for only $3.99, this book has no cheating and no cliffhanger, but it does have a happily ever after for everyone involved, and plenty of steam to heat up your summer!