Two Rival Wolves

They each want my help and they both want me.
Maybe the three of us can work out a mutually beneficial deal.

I’m in Bethel Forest, far from home.
Melchior’s the alpha wolf shifter who called me here.
And he’s also supposed to be my guide.
But he won’t even let me know why he asked me to come.
My patience is running thin, but it helps his c*ck is thick.
Things are just getting interesting between him and me—
and by interesting I mean hot and steamy—
when I’m snatched up by Simeon, the leader of a rival pack.
He steals me away from Melchior and makes me his captive.
I start to realize the feud between these werewolves runs deep.
And that both would do anything to have their way with me.
They each want to claim me for my very first time.
So I do what any smart woman would do:
I pit them against each other even more.
To give them both a bigger incentive to help me.
But what if things would work out best if we all work together?
They have a solution to their rivalry, and it’s to share me.
At first I think they only mean my body.
Yet it seems we’re all falling for each other’s hearts, too.

But can I handle two alpha shifters at once?
Or will they be too much for me, tearing us apart?

Two Rival Wolves is the second book in the Bethel Forest Shifters reverse harem paranormal fantasy menage/ reverse harem romance series. It features two handsome alpha wolf shifters pleasing one curvy virgin- no swords cross.

It has a high heat level of steam mixed with a paranormal fantasy/suspense plotline and a happy for now ending; the entire series will have a happily ever after for Marilyn and everyone involved in her reverse harem. This book can be understood on its own but if you haven’t already read Book 1 in the series, An Alpha in a Pear Tree, it’s recommended that you catch up on that one first!