Wet Wedding

Will he get to pound me like the ocean waves on our wedding day?

In Hawaii, there’s always the threat of an island storm.

And they say that rain on one’s wedding day brings good luck.

But as my own special day approaches, I’m wondering what else could possibly go wrong between Reo and me.

He and I have had a turbulent history, including an Easter party that turned into a fight, ever since I got stranded out here with him as my billionaire boss.

He was cocky, and I was feisty, and nothing was smooth sailing.

But that same fiery passion is what makes my panties as wet as the ocean for him.

I know our love is strong, and that it’s just being tested right now.

I sure hope we can get past our problems and make it to our wedding day.

It’s Easter themed, so we can start anew, now that I’m carrying his baby.

And I’m hoping we’ll get to celebrate with sex on the beach.

But first, we have to actually deal with some issues that have come up in our relationship.

Is this just nervous jitters or are we falling apart?

Wet Wedding is a bonus novelette that follows up on Nicole and Reo’s story in Wet With Him. While you don’t have to have read Wet With Him to enjoy Wet Wedding, it’s highly recommended!

Wet Wedding has lots of steam, no cheating, no cliffhanger and a very happy ever after. Happy Easter from Eva, Juliana and the rest of us at Sizzling Hot Reads!