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Yes, Boss

I’ll show her the ropes. And then I’ll tie her up with them.

Please, Boss

I’m filthy rich and used to getting everything I want:
A yacht, jet skis, a private plane and plenty of f*cking women.

More Boss

My boss wants to spank me until I’m red all over. And I want to let him!

Babies, Boss

It was love at first sight for Madilyn and me. From the moment I saw her as the newest associate at my law firm, I wanted to bend her over my desk. And not just for a secret fling like I was used to. I knew this was different— we were destined to be together. … Read More

Take Me, Boss: A Bad Boy Office Romance

I’m a self-made billionaire who always takes what I want, and right now I want my newest employee’s virginity. She’s half my age, and could get me into a lot of trouble. But I can’t resist her curvy body or her feisty personality. I want to take her over my knee and on my desk, … Read More

Again, Boss

A long-distance relationship tore us apart, But now I’m back to make everything right. My law office wants to merge with hers, so I have the perfect excuse. And now, I’m taking my girl back, one way or another. And the second I lay eyes on her again, I know I’ll be bending her over … Read More