In the Sand

Eight In The Sand

I came to California on a business trip for work. But I found pleasure instead. In the strong arms of seven sexy men. They want to teach me how to surf. And a lot of other things, too. Like how to let them share and pleasure me. While they share and pleasure each other, too. … Read More

Seven In The Sand

I’ve been seeing multiple surfers all at the same time. And by “seeing,” I mean f*cking. They’ve been sharing me, and each other. I love how all their c*cks feel inside me at once. Ever since I met Adin, I’ve been experiencing such pleasure. And he’s introduced me to more and more of his boyfriends. … Read More

Six in the Sand

All five male lovers want to give me a lesson in surfing. And in a lot other things. I’m in California for work when I see a hot surfer on the beach. At first it’s crazy when Adin and his lover Mark want to share me. They’ll both pleasure each other, and me, the lone … Read More

Three in the Sand

  Jill is an over-achiever, but her life isn’t as perfect as it looks. When her boss sends her to LA for work, her boyfriend dumps her. She decides to live on the wild side by working outside on Venice Beach. There, she sees a sexy surfer, carefree and happy in the waves. Then she … Read More

Four in the Sand

  I’ve always been ambitious, working hard at my career. Now I’m in California, as the lawyer my firm chose to send me for a big case. But I got distracted when I saw two sexy surfers on the beach. They showed me all the fun we can have together in the water. They’re gay … Read More

Five in the Sand

I’ve been a good girl my whole life. And I’ve had a lot of self-discipline. But I’ve never been disciplined quite like this. These surfers rip off my business suit and spank my @ss. While they also enjoy each other’s @sses. Now I’m taking four c*cks at once. They’re sharing me, and pleasuring me. And … Read More