Two Bad Boys

Two Bad Brothers

I knew Caleb and Oliver Blakesley in high school. Now I’m back in town, and the twins have become real estate developers. Super hot and filthy rich ones. They want to buy my grandmother’s house. And they want to share my body. They propose having their way with me– both at the same time. I’ve … Read More

Two Bad Bosses

My dad thinks I’m a precious princess. So I’m interning at his law firm all summer, trying to make him proud. It’s mind-numbingly boring, but at least his proteges are hot. When Dad retires, he’s leaving the law firm to Whit and Zane. But there’s something Daddy Dearest doesn’t know. Whit and Zane don’t just … Read More

Two Bad Groomsmen

As my best friend’s maid of honor, I’m trying to make sure her wedding is perfect. I don’t have time for two bad boy groomsmen vying for my attention. Even if they are both absolutely f*cking gorgeous. Zach and Drew are relentless. They each want to claim my virginity, and I don’t know if I can resist. … Read More