Love Wanted Series

Nanny Wanted

I’m a self-made billionaire and a single dad. Due to a custody case, I can’t be caught messing around. Especially not with someone half my age. But Willow’s curves are oh so tempting. I make her my daughters’ nanny. That way I’ll have to keep my hands off her. But rules are made to be … Read More

Baby Wanted

He’ll pay me well but he demands everything in return. First, he’ll put his c*ck in me, for my very first time. Then, he’ll put a baby in me, because he needs an heir. He’ll also keep me very close, under lock and key. He says it’s to protect his investment per our contract. But … Read More

Wife Wanted

My best friends are all getting married and starting families. I’ve never felt the need to have a man. They feel differently, and urge me to get a wedding date. Then I meet Gordon, a billionaire CEO. He’s gorgeous, well hung and amazing in bed. And he needs to get married to keep his company … Read More

Bride Wanted

My father is sick and bills are piling up. A billionaire matchmaking service seems to be the answer to my prayers. They say someone will pay over a million dollars to be with me. There’s just one catch. He wants me to be his temporary wife, for business reasons. When I go to meet him, … Read More

Match Wanted

There’s a perfect match out there for everyone. At least, that’s what I tell my clients. I can find true love for everyone… except for myself. And now I have a huge problem. I’ve been nominated as matchmaker of the year. I should be thrilled. I’m not. If I go to Matcher’s Island unaccompanied, my … Read More

Virgin Wanted

My long-lost sister is in trouble. I need fifty-thousand dollars to help her fast. The only thing I have to sell is my virginity. A handsome rich older billionaire offers to buy it. Bruce Goodwin is the CEO of a security company. He’s tall and muscular with just a bit of silver in his auburn … Read More

Luck Wanted

I used to have all the worst luck. And all the worst coping mechanisms. I’ve been clean for almost a year, though. A lot of that was thanks to the help of my sister, Lucy. My luck of a steady, healthy living streak is sure changing fast now. And I’m not sure if it’s for … Read More