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9 months ago

Anal Sex for Father’s Day

My husband wants to put it in my ass on Father’s Day… and then he wants to make another baby with me.

This is a bonus follow-up story to Daddy’s Home, by Jules Marie.
You don’t have to have read the book to enjoy this story but if you want to, get it here!


As I nurse my baby in her peaceful nursery, I mostly feel happy. I’m happy that I’m married to Spencer—the man I was always supposed to be with and found my way back to even after all that my dad tried to do to keep us apart. I’m happy that we found out about Spence—the son he didn’t even know he had but to whom he is an amazing father. And I’m happy we have Melissa—the sweet little baby I’m currently nursing.

It’s been an amazing Father’s Day and I’m glad that Spencer has enjoyed it. It’s just that I’m a little worried about his continued desire for another baby.

It’s not that I don’t think I’d ever want another one. It’s just that it seems so soon. I thought we’d want some time to adjust to being a family of four before we try adding on a fifth member to it.

There have been so many changes so quickly. And I’m afraid to jinx our run of good luck by pushing our chances.

I can’t help but worry! Bad things happen in pregnancy sometimes.

Shouldn’t we just be grateful for our two perfect children?

As I look down at Melissa, I wonder if I’m trying to talk myself out of happiness. In an ideal world, Spencer and I would have a lot of children together. And don’t we both deserve to make that our reality?

Melissa unlatches and snuggles in close to me as she yawns, interrupting my thoughts and flooding my brain with only pure, unadulterated joy.

“There you go, baby girl,” I whisper softly to her. “You’re okay now. You just needed a cuddle from your daddy and a little snack. You can go back to sleep now.”

I sit still in the near-darkness for a few minutes more, because I want to make sure that Melissa is in a deep enough sleep before I transfer her to her crib. I don’t want her to stir and wake back up, because there’s still a lot of fun to be had back in Spencer’s and my bedroom.

I know that Spencer is probably waiting for me with handcuffs, and that thought sends a shiver of excitement running down my back.

I’m so glad he came back into our lives and that I married him. He really always has been the perfect guy for me, and now he’s all mine.

I love his take-charge personality and how he dominates me in the bedroom. It makes me want to do anything he wants, any time he wants.

Even if what he wants is another baby? I ask myself.

I look at our own sleeping baby for another second before standing up to place her back in her crib. She half-smiles as she settles back down without waking back up, thank goodness, and it makes me smile, too.

I suppose I could handle another baby if that baby could be as good as Melissa is, I think. But my luck, it would probably be colicky or never able to go to sleep or something.

It’s one of those things where I’m back to not wanting to press my luck! Still, Melissa’s such a cute baby that it does make me wonder what our next one would look like. And I bet she’d make a great big sister.

I’m still smiling as I shut the door of the nursery and head back to the bedroom. And I must still be smiling as I walk through the door, because Spencer approaches me right away, taking my hands behind my back and cuffing my wrists.

“Just what do you think you’re doing, Miss?” he asks, his voice strong and commanding. “Wipe that smirk off your face.”

“Yes, Sir.”

I do my best to stop smiling. But inside, I’m happy. I love when my husband plays Cop with me.

I’m still wearing the nightgown, but he rips it off me from behind. Then he spins me around, so that my naked body is entirely exposed.

He looks at my breasts before grabbing them as if he owns them. Although my milk supply is pretty established by now and they hadn’t been leaking earlier when he was playing with them, a bit of milk comes out now, undoubtedly due to the fact that I’d just been nursing.

“You think you’re so innocent, as the mother of my child,” Spence says, in a low growl. “You think the fact that you nurse our baby means that I’ll go easy on you. But I’m a cop so sometimes I have to be rough with my suspects.”

He grabs one of my ass cheeks with his other hand and then he smacks it. The sting makes me wet. My pussy juices are dripping out of me as he spanks me again.

“What crime am I suspected of having committed, Officer?” I ask him, getting into the role.

He slaps me hard now, and I yelp.

“Don’t speak unless I tell you to,” he says. “You’re suspected of being a slutty wife. So, I’m going to have to see whether you are or not.”

He puts a leg in between mine and pushes them apart with it. I can feel the bulge of his cock beneath the fabric of his pants.

My pussy is dripping wet, wanting him to continue, and of course he doesn’t disappoint.

He reaches his other hand down to my ass and spreads my ass cheeks apart with both hands.

“This is a mighty fine ass you’ve got here. I love how curvy and bouncy and plump it is. I’m going to have to rough it up a bit,” he says, as he puts a finger into my ass hole. “And we’ll have to see how hard you try to fight me off.”

With that, he spins me around again, and bends me over some. My ass is partway up in the air and I know he’s looking at it as he takes down his pants with one hand, while the other is holding onto the cuffs behind my back, as if he’s afraid that I’m going to try to run away.

I guess I should, because I know how big his cock is. I know how much it will hurt as it enters my little hole. And yet my pussy is still drenched for him because it wants him so much, no matter how he decides to have me.

Plus, this way, I can’t get pregnant again yet, I think, and I’m half happy, half sad, still not being able to decide if I would like to be.

Spencer reaches over to the drawer of the bedside table and takes out some lube and then rubs it onto his cock.

“Is your little asshole ready for your cop husband’s big dick?” he asks me.

“Yes, Sir.”

I’m both afraid and excited because I know that it will hurt but also that I’ll like it. And I know that Spencer will like it, which makes me happy.

His hands rub around my ass cheek in slow circles before lingering there for a moment, letting me adjust and brace myself for what’s about to come.

Then without warning he slides his dick inside me just enough that I can feel the head pushing against my hole before pulling back again, teasingly building up anticipation until finally plunging himself fully into me, sending shockwaves through every part of both our bodies as he enters me all the way.

It’s painful, so I struggle against him, but he pulls my wrists back towards him while he keeps fucking my ass.

“Don’t forget you’re under arrest,” he says. “And this is your punishment for making me want you so badly.”

“Yes, Sir.”

I feel his cock go in and out of my ass hole, while mercifully he reaches his hand around and plays with my clit. This makes me feel so much pleasure that I forget about the pain.

“Oh, yeah,” I moan, arching my back and leaning my head against his strong, muscular chest.

“You like when I play with your pussy, don’t you?” he asks, as he keeps fucking my ass.

“Yes, Sir.”

He’s going hard and fast now, and I like it. I can feel his cock throbbing, but just as I think he’s about to cum, he eases up on me, taking it out for a second before pushing it back in.

“You want me to put my cock in there next, don’t you? So that we can make another baby?”

His request catches me off guard so I say nothing at first, until he yanks on my wrists a bit with the handcuffs.

“Wifey?” he prods me.

“Yes, Sir,” I say, feeling the flood of mixed feelings again.

I do want another baby; I just thought I could use more time. Still, it’s not like we’d get pregnant again right away. It would take some attempts.

Plus, his fingers feel so good as they play with my clit that I would agree to just about anything.

“I do,” I tell him, more eagerly now. “I do want another baby.”

“I thought so,” he says, and I can imagine the big grin that’s spreading across his face, even though I can’t see it.

It makes me happy to make him happy—in physical as well as emotional ways. He keeps thrusting his cock into my ass hole but he doesn’t cum yet.

I, on the other hand, feel like I’m about to erupt like a volcano. His big cock is stretching my ass hole open wide while his fingers are pinching and pulling on my clit, then rubbing it in rhythmic circles that makes me want to collapse with pleasure.

“You’re making me feel so good,” I cry out. “Your cock feels so good in my ass, while your fingers are playing with my pussy.”

“Yes, cum for me, my slutty little wife,” Spencer breathes into my ear as he keeps fucking me from behind. “You are definitely guilty as charged and I love it. Cum for your Cop husband!”

Not just yet, I want to say, but I’m overcome with the feeling of my orgasm, which has me riding so high that I start to think once again about how cute it would be to have three children with Spencer.

We have a lot of time to make up for, after spending so much of it far apart. And it is Father’s Day. I should be glad he’s dreaming of having more kids with me, and I should aim to give them to him.

So, as I cum, I say, “Yes, husband. Fuck me and let’s make another baby,” and the smile on my face surely matches the one on his.

I know that after this he’s fuck my pussy and try to put a baby in me. Probably immediately after this, as in, right now. And I’m ready for that to happen. Or at least, as ready as I can be.


The end… or is it?!

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