I Want to be Stuffed by my Stepdad

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12 months ago

I Want to be Stuffed by my Stepdad

I’ve been saving my virginity for someone special and I think he’s the one. Hopefully my wish will come true!

Stuffed by my Stepdad – Part 1 by Marie Young


I’m nervous today because I’m going to be meeting my new stepdad for the first time. My mom eloped while I was off at college, which doesn’t surprise me because she’s gone through a ton of boyfriends and marriages.

Now I’m home for Thanksgiving break and we’re going to have dinner at my Great Aunt Martha’s house. She’s been more like a mom to me throughout my life than my own mom has been.

My mom had me young and has been like a party girl who never grew up. That’s why her own aunt practically raised me.

“Well, hello, dear,” my aunt greets me, always in good spirits despite her older age. “Happy Thanksgiving. You’re the first to arrive!”

“It’s nice to see you,” I tell her, as I give her a hug.

“You too, Dear. Have you found Mr. Right, yet?” she asks, winking at me. “Who’s the lucky guy who will be coming to our Thanksgiving dinner?”

I sigh and smile at her.

“Oh, Aunt Martha, you know I’m too busy studying to have a boyfriend.”

And it doesn’t help that all the straight males on campus are either lame dweebs or egotistical assholes, I think to myself.

“You can never be too busy for love,” she says. “You just have to look for it. Who knows? It might be right in front of you, and you can’t even see it because you’re focused on all the wrong stuff.”

“All the wrong stuff, like my education and my career?” I ask her with a laugh.

“You got me there,” she says, shrugging. “I’m glad you care about those things, darling.”

She nods her head towards the kitchen table, where a lot of ingredients are spread out.

“I still need to finish making my famous cranberry sauce,” she says.

“Okay, I’ll help.”

I start checking on the turkey and gravy and soon we’re all busy with final preparations before my mom gets here.

I’m pouring wine from one of the bottles I brought into some wine glasses I’d gotten out of the top shelf when she comes in through the door… and along with her is the hottest guy I’ve ever seen!

“I’m sorry I’m late,” she says, gesturing to a container in her hands. “I had to stop at the store and get these mashed potatoes!”

“It’s fine, Mom,” I tell her, and the man with her holds out his hand while my aunt takes the container of mashed potatoes from my mom’s hands.


The man with her–my new stepdad–is hot as fuck. He’s tall, with broad shoulders and a chest so chiseled that I can tell it’s toned from underneath his tight-fitting Oxford shirt.

My panties get instantly drenched, even though I know I shouldn’t want him like this. I can’t help it, though. It’s a bodily response that just takes over me. My pussy is dripping wetness out of it like a faucet just from looking at this fine specimen of a man!

My mom usually has bad taste in men, so I’m surprised she landed one so sexy… and so charming.

“I’m Jim,” he says, his voice sounding nearly as strong as his big hand feels as it grips mine. “Nice to meet you.”

I swear he winks at me as we’re shaking hands. Or maybe I’m only imagining that he is because I really want it to be true!

As we all sit down and go around the table saying what we’re thankful for before starting to eat, I say the usual sentimental bit about being thankful for friends and family, but then I nod at my step dad and add, “Old and new.”

He smiles at me, and I swear my panties melt right off. I can’t even feel them anymore because they’ve turned into a pool of liquid. I want to be with him so bad!

I wish I could tell him, “I’m especially glad to be meeting you!” but I’ve already been more daring than I normally am.

Once again, I know I shouldn’t be thinking any of this about my mom’s stepdad who is probably at least twice my age. But it’s not like she’ll be with him long, anyway. She likes to move through men at a breakneck pace.

Aunt Marsha looks at me after that and says, “Why don’t you break the wishbone, Amelia?”

I do, and as I look up at Jim’s handsome face, I think to myself, “I wish my new stepdad would take my virginity and stuff me like a turkey!”

*      *      *

“I can’t wait to devour this,” Jim says, before taking a big bite.

Since he winks at me, I can only assume his statement has a double meaning. And now I’m pretty sure I’m not imagining the mutual attraction between us!

The chemistry is off the charts hot, and all I want to do is stay here and explore it.

I know I can’t do that, though. My mom would kill me! Not to mention my aunt.

So, once everyone is done eating, I announce that I’m going to head back to Mom’s house, where I’m staying while I’m on Thanksgiving break from college, because I have to get ready to go to a Friendsgiving dinner next.

I’m really wishing that I could stay and talk with Jim more, but I know I’d be too tempted to flirt with him or try to hook up with him. And Thanksgiving at my great aunt’s house hardly seems like the place to be doing that with my stepdad!

Still, I see him smile and wink at me—for sure this time—as he says goodbye, and I know we’ll be seeing each other again soon… under the same roof!

I’m not sure that either of us will be able to control ourselves then. We’re already acting like we want to jump all over each other just from staring at each other across the dining room table.

I nod and smile back at him, feeling too flustered to try to say “Goodbye” or “Happy Thanksgiving” because I’m afraid it will come out sounding something more like “I want to jump your bones!”

And once I’m back at my mom’s house, I can’t stop thinking about him.

*      *      *

I lie down on my bed that’s still in my old bedroom at Mom’s house. She’s kept it here for me because she likes when I visit. It’s still decorated in pink frills like when I was a little girl, because after that, I started spending a lot of time at Aunt Martha’s while my mom was off dating her flavor of the moment.

I let my fingers trail down to my panties while I think about her newest husband. He’s the first one I’ve ever wanted like this. In fact, he’s the first man, period, that I’ve ever wanted like this!

The fabric is soaking wet as it clings to my pussy lips, more evidence that just being around Jim had made me so hot for him. I slip my hand underneath and start playing with my clit as I think about how great it would feel if it was him touching me.

I think about him laying me down on top of the kitchen table and taking his cock out, playing with it a bit while he also plays with my pussy.

He’d bend down and take a nipple in my mouth and suck on it, as he makes me cum.

“Bad girl,” he’d say, as he stood back up and repositioned me so that my ass was in his face, before he spanked it. “You’re tempting me so much. Just look at this plump, curvy ass of yours. It’s too perfect not to touch! But I’m not supposed to be doing this with someone so much younger than me. And I’m definitely not supposed to be doing it with my stepdaughter!”

“No, you’re not,” I ‘d tell him, and he’d slap me again, his hand print leaving a big, red welt on my ass cheek as he marked me as his own.

“Don’t talk unless I tell you to,” he’d instruct me, spanking me again.

I’d nod as he’d grab my ass cheeks and spreading them wide.

“There you go. Good girl. Just let me get a good look at this hot ass of yours that I’m going to stuff as my Thanksgiving treat.”

He’d rub his cock up against it for a while before saying, “Okay, now it’s time for me to take your virginity, my bratty little stepdaughter,” before he pushed his cock inside me.

“Now this is the kind of Thanksgiving dessert I was wanting to eat,” I bet he’d say, as he kept fucking me while playing with my nipples between his fingers.

He’d be thrusting in and out of me harder and faster, making me moan with delight.

I think about his breath feeling hot on my neck as he’d move up to kiss me all over while continuing to fuck me.

By now he’d be pounding me hard and fast, stuffing me as full as the turkey was of stuffing.

I’d wrap my arms around his own neck and claw at his back some with my nails, as he pummeled my pussy.

“You like that?” he’d ask, as he’d grab my ass and spank it some more.

I wouldn’t say anything, since he’d told me not to speak, and I would always have to obey my stepdad.

Or else he would punish me even harder… but maybe I might like that.

He wouldn’t say anything, either, at first, but I know that he’d be watching my ass bounce around, and he’d be proud of his handiwork–how each slap of his hand makes it jiggle up and down.

“You can talk now, as long as you call me Daddy,” he’d instruct me. “Does my little stepdaughter like it when her stepdaddy takes her hard and rough? You’re a bad girl, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Daddy,” I’d moan. “Give it to me just like that. Spank me for being your bad girl.”

I like the thought of letting my secret bad girl come out to play with him. From the way he had raised his eyebrows at me in a naughty gesture at the dinner table, I imagine he can get pretty rough in bed, and I like the thought of that, too.

I bet he’d fill me up with his cum and that it would feel so hot and sweet and sticky. I’d be cumming all over his cock, too, slipping and sliding all around on its big shaft as he pounded me with it, stretching my pussy so wide open that it stings. And then he’d have to punish me more for liking it. I’d be his dirty, naughty little slut and do anything he wanted me to do–and I’d accept whatever discipline he needed to dole out to me, too, with pleasure!

Thinking about arching my back to press my ass against him while giving him better access to squeeze and spank it in my fantasy makes me cum in real life.

I feel my orgasm rush through me and wish I could have one with him.

I lay panting in the dark and hoping that my Thanksgiving wish can come true.

Hopefully that wishbone I broke can work some miracles for me, and soon my new stepdad will be taking me for my very first time!

* * *

The end… for now.

But there’s more where this came from!

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