Marie Mora

Triple Hot Summer: Menage and Reverse Harem Box Set

Just one billionaire was heating up my summer. Now there’s two more wanting to really make it sizzle! I’m starting to think it’s the best summer ever. I never thought three hot, rich guys would all want me. But when they start to fight over me, things get complicated fast. All of them are romantic … Read More

Trained by the Team: Reverse Harem MFMM+ Auction Romance

It’s training season. And my whole football team wants to teach Elisa some things. My friend and NFL teammate Scott is still stuck on his high school girlfriend. The rest of us have moved on from our small hometowns and first loves. But he’s always talked about how hot yet innocent Elisa was. And how … Read More

Tackled by the Team

They want to pass me around like a football. And I want to let them. I’ve lived a boring life in my small town of Morgansboro. And I’m always pining away for my high school ex, Scott. I’m still a virgin because he’s the only guy I’ve ever wanted. But he left to play football … Read More