His Curvy Conquest

I’m not supposed to touch my best friend’s daughter. Since he’s my business partner, too, our billion dollar company would be on the line if I did. But Allessandra’s curvy hips are pleading for my hands all over them. And her eyes are even wider, as if they’re begging to see my washboard abs. I’ve … Read More

His Curvy Lady

I just got cheated on. Jumping into a new relationship is the last thing I need, But when I set eyes on curvy, gorgeous Elena in my seat at the movies, I can think of a few other places I’d rather have her sitting… She thinks I look like the superhero on the screen and I … Read More

His Curvy Love

I shouldn’t be fantasizing about Gia. She’s my best friend’s stepdaughter. And my employee. And she’s only half my age. But all I can think about are her curves. I just want to take her for her very first time. To spank her plump ass until she calls out my name. And to grab it … Read More

Fun with My 2 Bosses

My two hot bosses are making me work overtime. On both of them at once. I shouldn’t be hooking up with one of my bosses at work. Let alone two of them! But our chemistry is off the charts hot. And they can’t leave their hands off of me. Or their c*cks out of me. … Read More

Two Bad Boys

At first I think: I know I shouldn’t be doing this. My dad heads up the law firm where we all work. He would have a fit if he found out. But I can’t help it. My two rich bosses are so hot. And their c*cks feel so good in me. Let’s hope no one … Read More