Fake Fiancee

Lucky Autumn

I have tons of money and my choice of women. But in order for my family’s business deal to go through, I need someone to pretend to be my fiancée. When I meet a humble event planner, I realize I want more. Her plump ass is perfect. Her innocent smile is gorgeous. And she belongs … Read More

Lucky Harvest

I can’t believe my bad luck when my car breaks down. I was on my way into work and now I’ll lose my shift. But I’m surprised when a handsome hottie pulls up. He’s in a fancy BMW and he’s here to help. It turns out my mysterious hero needs a favor in return. His … Read More

Lucky Romance

He has lots of money and needs a fake fiancé. I‘m in a financial bind and think he’s super hot. It seems like a match made in Heaven. As long as I remember it’s not real down here on Earth! Sure, he fulfils every fantasy when he takes my virginity. And he always knows how … Read More

Lucky Fall

What do you do when a date goes bad? You run out of the restaurant, of course. But if you’re me, you’ll be sure to mess up the exit. By running smack into someone on your way out. And not just any old someone. But the hottest guy you’ve ever seen! He breaks my fall … Read More

Drenched with My Fake Fianceé

I came to Hawaii to work for my billionaire boss. He liked me so much he made me his pet. I love doing whatever he wants. It’s fun when he grabs my @ss. And puts his c#ck down my throat. The forbidden nature of our relationship is fun too. But now someone wants to make … Read More

Love Ignited

We aren’t supposed to be together. But I can’t resist her feisty personality or her curvy body. This 4th of July, it’s going down like a thousand fireworks. Because I’ll take whatever heat is thrown my way to be with her. But is the display just a temporary show? Or can it last all year- … Read More

A Very Dirty St. Patty’s Day Box Set

  I’m a rich billionaire who takes what I want- for St. Patrick’s Day and all year long. What I want now is to buy Jade’s virginity at an auction. I only want one night, to tie her up and have my way with her. I’ll fill her throat with my cock. And I’ll fuck … Read More

A Very Dirty Valentine’s Day Box Set

Here in one box set are three sweet yet spicy Valentine’s Day-themed books by some of your favorite Sizzling Hot Reads authors! Each leading lady gets two very special treats from her bad boy: hot sex AND a happy ever after! In Sold on Valentine’s Day, Celeste is surprised to find that her virginity will … Read More

Inked in Vice

Lanora’s a detective working a criminal case. And she thinks I might be able to help her out. One of my old high school buddies is a prime suspect. He’s invited me to find out more about his operation. He thinks I might want in, but he couldn’t be more wrong. Lanora wants me to … Read More

Lucky New Year

I’ve been unlucky at love and relationships. So I decided to spend New Year’s Eve with my parents. We’re supposed to go to a cheesy ski resort party we used to go to when I was young. But it’s snowing and my car skids off the road on the way up there. Imagine my surprise … Read More