Gay M/M

Bi-Ing Her Curves and Making Her Dreams Come True

Justin’s my partner, in business and in life. We’re the new owners of a special sort of auction club. We don’t deal in antiques or cars. At Club Curves: Rainbow Room, we deal in curvy virgins. And we sell them to bisexual men like ourselves, who want to include a woman in their bed for … Read More

Eight In The Sand

I came to California on a business trip for work. But I found pleasure instead. In the strong arms of seven sexy men. They want to teach me how to surf. And a lot of other things, too. Like how to let them share and pleasure me. While they share and pleasure each other, too. … Read More

Six in the Sand

All five male lovers want to give me a lesson in surfing. And in a lot other things. I’m in California for work when I see a hot surfer on the beach. At first it’s crazy when Adin and his lover Mark want to share me. They’ll both pleasure each other, and me, the lone … Read More

Sold to the Gang of Guys Box Set

I thought I was a good girl. Then I met some bad boys. Three of them, to be exact. They said they want to share me. While they share each other. They’ll fill me to the brim. But what if my heart starts to feel empty without them? And what if one of them puts … Read More

Five in the Sand

I’ve been a good girl my whole life. And I’ve had a lot of self-discipline. But I’ve never been disciplined quite like this. These surfers rip off my business suit and spank my @ss. While they also enjoy each other’s @sses. Now I’m taking four c*cks at once. They’re sharing me, and pleasuring me. And … Read More

Sold Under the Mistletoe

Christmas is always a weird time of year for me. I don’t want to go home to my dysfunctional family for the holidays. So, when I receive an invitation to the hottest party of the year, I’m ready to go have a little fun during my break from college studies. But when I arrive at … Read More


My new patient, Brad, is an injured veteran. My work as a physical therapist can heal his body. It’s clear from his cocky attitude and foul mouth, though- His emotional wounds run even deeper. This ex SEAL fought valiantly for our country. But now he’s home and fighting an even bigger battle: To live as … Read More


But when my life spirals out of control, I find myself dragging him down with me. I know I’m lying about him. I can’t handle the truth. But I’ll handle this hot hunk of man for as long as he’ll let me. Even as I ruin his life.


We were comrades in war together. Fighting side by side. But now that we’re back home, life isn’t so easy, since we’re both closeted. It all began with an email, the two of us reaching out. But it blossomed into a love so strong it scares the hell out of us both. Soon we’re talking … Read More