Mountain Man

Keeping Her Warm Box Set

This box set features even MORE of our HOTTEST wintertime reads! There’s a chill in the air, but even the winter season can’t cool down the heat in these steamy stories! In Snowed in with My 2 Bosses, being trapped with her two billionaire bosses turns out to be the time of her life, but … Read More

Warm with Him Box Set

This box set features some of our HOTTEST wintertime reads, plus an ALL NEW bonus story! There’s a chill in the air, but even the winter season can’t cool down the heat in these steamy stories! In Mountain Man’s Baby, things go from cozy to downright steamy in this isolated cabin when he convinces her … Read More

Really Wet

Here in one box set are five sweet but SUPER sexy beach reads by some of your favorite Sizzling Hot Reads authors! And let’s just say, it’s not just the ocean waves getting these leading ladies wet! Wet with Him: Stranded on an Island with My Billionaire Boss Sold on Spring Break: A Virgin& Billionaire … Read More

Daddies in Love

She’s off limits but I take what I want. I need this curvy, feisty virgin. But then I find out she’s hiding a secret from me. Can I convince her to let me in? I’m very skilled at using my words, and my c*ck. She thinks I won’t be happy with the news. But I’m … Read More

Hot Daddies

I’m used to getting what I want. Money, status, fame, women. But then I meet curvy, feisty Juliet. And she’s the only one I want to be with. Suddenly I’m wondering why my heart is as tied up in her as my c*ck is. I’m not supposed to be f*cking her, but I don’t want … Read More

Mountain Man’s Baby

A war injury ended my career with the SEALs. And maybe my only chance to have a baby. But it also made me filthy rich. So, I built a cabin in the woods to escape it all. Until 19-year-old Hope shows up, with her innocent eyes that beg me to take her, and her shapely … Read More

Caveman’s Captive

Her sultry eyes and seductive hips open up something in me I thought was forever closed off.
When we get trapped in the cave, it’s the opportunity I never knew I needed so desperately.

Falling Again

Ten years ago my brother’s best friend left for the SEALs. He also left me lonely and confused. He never came back to me and I didn’t know why. Since then, it’s felt like my life has been one wrong turn after another. Like everything has been sliding into a figurative sinkhole. Then I fall … Read More