Back at You: A Second Chance Curvy Virgin and Bad Boy Sports Romance

One serving just wasn’t enough… He’s back for second helpings. Kara I can’t believe my ex is back this Thanksgiving. We were madly in love in high school. And we did all kinds of hot, kinky things together. Even though he never popped my cherry. Then Adam left for to play basketball at a college out of … Read More

Sex In The Sand

I couldn’t believe it when two hot surfers wanted to share me. But then I found out there were more where they came from. A whole surfer colony wanted to pleasure me. And each other at the same time. As I give in to my deepest desires, letting all of them go deeper and deeper … Read More

Love In The Sand

I’ve always been a good girl, with a successful career. But my boyfriend cheats on me and leaves me anyway. So when my job sends me to California for a business trip, I decide it’s a good time to have some fun for once. Adin is a sexy surfer I meet on Venice Beach. He … Read More

Eight In The Sand

I came to California on a business trip for work. But I found pleasure instead. In the strong arms of seven sexy men. They want to teach me how to surf. And a lot of other things, too. Like how to let them share and pleasure me. While they share and pleasure each other, too. … Read More

His Curvy Catch

She’s caught my eye, but I don’t let anyone catch my heart. As a billionaire football player with thousands of adoring fans, I could easily have my pick of women. But to be honest, none have sparked my interest since my fiancée’s death. And living life as a celebrity means, frankly, that most of the … Read More

Inked in Protection

Aleah is ten years younger than me and I’m her brother’s best friend. I’ve always wanted her but it would only complicate things. He’s the manager of my boxing career. And he’s worked out a deal with his friend Ryan at Dark Ink. They cross-promote the tattoo shop and my fights. Since he’s focused on … Read More

Six in the Sand

All five male lovers want to give me a lesson in surfing. And in a lot other things. I’m in California for work when I see a hot surfer on the beach. At first it’s crazy when Adin and his lover Mark want to share me. They’ll both pleasure each other, and me, the lone … Read More

Inked in the Past

I’ve always hated my brother’s opponent; he basically killed him. Now, years later, my brother has left instructions to deliver a mysterious letter to his former rival. So I have no choice but to face the “killer wrestler” again. But I don’t expect him to be so hot. Next thing I know, a drunken night in Vegas leads to holy matrimony… between me and my brother’s killer! Can our unlikely, fragile relationship last when I finally learn what’s in that letter?

Don’t Let Me Go Novella

Life as a Florida Sharks football player is tough. But deciding the future of my life is even tougher. I was offered a job in LA. A new team, new city, new lifestyle. While it would be great for my career, I’m afraid my relationships won’t be able to survive. Could it all work out … Read More

Out of Bounds

I’ve messed up a lot, but I’m the star quarterback everyone loves. Women fall at my feet and the rules don’t apply to me. Or at least that’s how it was, before I got myself into trouble and onto probation. Now I have to stay in my new coach’s good graces or lose my football … Read More