Dragon’s Captive

First, he captured my body. Then he stole my heart. When Raj catches me on the grounds of his castle, he throws me into the dungeon and punishes me, by making me give him my virginity. I’m only too happy to oblige, because this dragon shifter’s hotter than any regular guy! Lucky for me, he’s … Read More

Dragon’s Toy

Being the plaything of a dangerous beast is thrilling. But can I claim my fate and make this more than just a game? Dragging my best friend Becca to Germany probably wasn’t my wisest decision. All I wanted was a fun adventure, but our vacation has taken an unexpected turn. Neither of us speak the … Read More

Dragon’s Pet

He says my body is his to do with as he pleases. But fate might have plans for our hearts. I knew this poorly planned trip to Germany with my best friend was a bad idea. So, when the two of us end up completely lost in the Black Forest, I’m not surprised. But I … Read More

Triple Connection: An MFMM Reverse Harem Romance

One little click and my whole life has been turned upside down… by three hot, billionaire triplet brothers who want to share me! I’m crushed when my boyfriend dumps me for still being a virgin. At first, I’m upset because he calls me a drag. But then I realize that maybe I do need to loosen up–just … Read More

Safe In His Arms

Being with him is a dangerous risk. So why does he make me feel so safe? Spencer has the reputation of being a bad boy player. So, it’s thrilling to let him take down my panties, and take me for my very first time. But I tell myself it has to be the only time. … Read More

His Curvy Girl Box Set Collection

He wants my curves, but they’re off limits. Yet he never lets a little thing like rules get in the way. Leave it to me to finally fall hard for a guy… only to find out that he’s my new stepbrother! Corey and I have to stay far away from each other. Even though both … Read More