All in the Sand: Complete Series of MFMMMMMM Bisexual Reverse Harem Box Set Collection




I thought I was only running away from myself.
But I ended up in the arms of seven hot surfers!

Jill is a hotshot lawyer in L.A.
Everything is going well for her…
until her boyfriend starts acting shady.
He doesn’t want to come to Venice Beach with her for a work trip.
So, she goes alone, determined to do some soul searching.
But then she meets a hot surfer who wants to search her body!
And not only that, but he wants his boyfriend to do it too.
After her own boyfriend breaks up with her while she’s still there,
Jill decides to let herself explore her wildest fantasies.
With not just one but two men who want to explore her curves.
They’re strong but sweet with her and each other,
and they pound her just as hard as the waves do.
Before she knows it, they want to add more guys to the mix.
And she’s more than happy to oblige!
But then they want her to stay with them on the beach.
It turns out they have plenty of money to provide for her.
Yet she’s used to providing for herself as she makes the big bucks.
Jill doesn’t know whether she should trade independence for love.

Should I run back to what’s familiar as quickly as I ran into the ocean?
Or can I give up all I’ve known to keep embracing these seven surfers?

All in the Sand is a complete series collection of SIX bisexual reverse harem books about Jill and her seven gay surfers who love to share her curves… all in one box set for the first time ever. It features lots of steamy scenes (swords cross… a lot), a happily ever after, no cheating and no cliffhangers. Binge-read all about these bisexual beauties today!

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