Don’t Walk Away

I’ve got a second chance with my first love. I’ll do whatever it takes not to blow it. But ours is no traditional romance. Because she says if I like it, I should put a fake ring on it.

Back when Maya and I were together, I was young and selfish.
I had to move away from her, to play football.
But I’ve never been able to forget her feisty personality or gorgeous curves.
So I can’t believe it when I run into her again, and see her sultry eyes staring back at me.
I’m determined to win her back, and this time I’ll take care of her.
Fulfill her every need and desire- including the one where I finally take her virginity.
Then I find out that what she needs is a bit unconventional.
She’s got a creepy stalker who won’t take no for an answer.
So she told him she’s engaged, and she needs me to play along.
I’m not going to let either one of us walk away from each other again.
Whatever she wants, I’ll f*cking give her.

I tell her that I’ll be happy to fulfill the role of her fake fiancé.
What I don’t tell her is that I plan to make it real.

Don’t Walk Away is a full length standalone romance with no cheating, no cliffhangers, a very happy ever after and plenty of steam. Bonus content is included for your continued reading enjoyment.