Sold on Spring Break

The only one who’ll break her in this spring is me.

For the next week, a group of billionaires who call themselves The Exchange Club have taken over my Gulf Coast resort.
The desperate jerks buy and sell women like livestock.
Please. I’ve never paid for a woman’s company in my life, and I don’t intend to start.
That all changes the second I wrap my arms around Mallory Covington’s soft curves and save her from drowning.
The sweet nineteen-year-old seems too pure to fulfill my dark and dominant needs.

I’ll still pay whatever it costs to make sure I’m the highest bidder.
I’ll buy her virginity so no one else can have it.
But when she shows how much she enjoys being under my control, I decide to cash in and take what’s mine.
The million dollars I’m paying to make her mine will be worth every penny.
And when Spring Break ends, she’ll go back to her life and I’ll go back to mine.
No falling in love.
No happily ever after.
Just pure, unadulterated first-time f*cking.

But what if my heart refuses to let her go?

Sold on Spring Break is a steamy standalone romance with no cliffhanger and no cheating. It features a dominant billionaire alpha male and a strong BBW heroine who earn their happily ever after.