Double Stuffed: MFM Romance



They want to share my treats.

In this challenge to prove that my sweets are the best in the business, I know I will come out on top… or underneath both judges at once!

I just opened my first bakery and I’m a huge hit.
People line up outside my door just for a taste.
And they always come back for more.
I even end up on the news.
Now they want me for a reality TV contest show.
They tell me that if I win The Baking Battles I’ll be rich and famous.
But all I want is to bake for someone I love.
Both judges on the show want me.
I can’t choose which one I’d rather be with.
They tell me I don’t have to decide.
That I make plenty of delicious cream to spread around between both of them.
These two skilled bakers want to mix it with their own special pastry sauces.
I decide to let them share my body.
My puff feels so good being stuffed and filled by their big tools.

If I win the show, will I also win their hearts?
Or will their cruel producer drop the cake on us all?

Double Stuffed is a full-length standalone MFM novel of nearly 50,000 words. It has no cheating and no cliffhangers, and a very happy ever after. No swords cross – these two attentive guys only want to pleasure this one lucky lady!

Published for the first time to Sizzling Hot Reads on April 16, 2023; grab this book while you can for only $3.99!