Dr. Fake Fiance

The doctor is in… all the way.

I’m not supposed to f*ck my patients.
But I’ve never been good at following rules.
And they all fly out the window when Elizabeth Jane walks into my office for a purity exam.
I’ve known her and her strict, religious mom for years as their family practice doctor.
But now Little Lizzy is all grown up.
Her pigtails and bobby socks have been replaced by seductive curves and sultry eyes.
Her mom wants me to find out if Elizabeth still has her virginity.
But little does she know Elizabeth wants me to take it from her.
Mommy Dearest soon finds out just how lengthy,hard and thorough my exams have been.
So Elizabeth and I pretend to be engaged.
It’s for her reputation; it’s for my career.
That’s what I keep telling myself.

But there’s one last rule I’ve already broken- I was never supposed to fall in love.

** Dr. Fake Fiance is a standalone older man/ younger woman romance with no cliffhanger and no cheating. It’s a sizzling hot read with a very high heat level. It features a dominant billionaire alpha male and a feisty BBW virgin who earn their happily ever after.