Dragon’s Captive

I’ve been robbing him blind,
But now he’s stolen my heart.

Nothing in my life is my own. My abusive family uses me as a tool for thieving, and my every attempt to escape has only made things worse.
I’m part of a family of dragon shifters, and as the halfling, they’ve made it clear the only thing I’m good for is being small and sneaky, and I know they’re right. If I can’t even get away from my own family, I must be as weak as they say.
So when I’m found on the lands of a neighboring dragon clan after another heist, I’m sure that I’m done for. But instead of crushing me like a bug, handsome and kindhearted Raj uses his strength to protect me.
He should hate me. After all, I’m the thief that’s been hurting his clan, even if he doesn’t know that yet. But that first clandestine meeting turns into more, and I find that I can’t stay away.
It’s more than just the irresistible allure of his body, although that’s powerful enough. What Raj and I have…it feels like fate.
But even if I could escape my family, they’re not the only ones who’d hunt me. And not everyone who’s after me is as gentle as Raj.

I’d give anything to come clean and make things right.
But will righting my wrongs end up sealing my fate?

This steamy paranormal dragon shifter romance is part of the Dragon’s Mate Series and is a standalone with no cheating, no cliffhanger and a guaranteed happy ever after. It’s not necessary to read the other books in the series to understand it, but the story does tie in with those of Dragon’s Pet and Dragon’s Toy, so this trio complements each other well.

Published to Sizzling Hot Reads on July 21, 2023, this LONG full-length novel crammed with two different kinds of heat… due to HOT fire-breathing dragon shifter AND the chemistry between him and the curvy virgin whose heart and body he captures… is only $3.99!