Dragon’s Toy

Being the plaything of a dangerous beast is thrilling.
But can I claim my fate and make this more than just a game?

Dragging my best friend Becca to Germany probably wasn’t my wisest decision. All I wanted was a fun adventure, but our vacation has taken an unexpected turn. Neither of us speak the language or know our way around, which is probably how we end up mugged and hopelessly lost in the forest.

We stumble upon a castle that shouldn’t be here— literally. According to my maps and Becca’s history books, it doesn’t exist. But then again, according to the world as we know it, neither do dragons. So, I can’t believe my eyes when the handsome man named Karl who takes me from the castle shapeshifts into one of those!

Karl takes me for the ride of my life in both dragon and human form. He also takes me soaring to the highest heights possible on more than just his wings. But after he claims my virginity, this dragon’s fiery passions run hot and cold, and the temperature shock might be too much for me.

He likes to keep me locked up in a dungeon cave and I need to figure out how to tame this possessive dragon of mine. Because while I love the fun we have together, I’d also like to see the light of day again.

But Karl has been burned before and is afraid to get too attached to anyone who’s not his fated mate. I’m beginning to think that might be me… and that maybe getting lost was just the first step towards finding my destiny. If I’m right, though, Karl will need to see this truth too— and soon, because more danger from a neighboring dragon clan is approaching both of us.

We both love how our relationship is heating up.
But will it be enough to melt the frosty walls around this shifter’s heart?

This steamy paranormal dragon shifter romance is part of the Dragon’s Mate Series and is a standalone with no cheating, no cliffhanger and a guaranteed happy ever after. It’s not necessary to read the other books in the series to understand it, but the heroine and hero in this book are the best friends of Becca and Maddox in Dragon’s Pet, so those two books complement each other well.