Four in the Sand

Being with two surfers at once was the adventure of my lifetime.
But now they want to do it again… and add one more.

I’ve always been ambitious, working hard at my career.
Now I’m in California, as the lawyer my firm chose to send for a big case.
But I got distracted when I saw two sexy surfers on the beach.
They showed me all the fun we can have together in the water.
They’re gay lovers who wanted to add a woman to their mix.
And they sure added a lot of spice to my otherwise stressful life.
It was just one little fling, right?
Now the case is heating up and I need to concentrate.
But that’s a hard goal to accomplish when the two surfers reappear.
Now they brought a friend along with them.
I thought it was hard, but fun, to have two c*cks in me at once.
But now I’m about to experience having three.

Will I let go and give into the wildest desires of my body?
Or will my heart get too involved, causing me to lose my head?

Four in the Sand is a bisexual reverse harem romance with male/male action- swords do cross in this one, as multiple men pleasure each other AND one lucky, curvy lady. It’s a steamy novella that is part of the In the Sand series. You don’t have to have read the first one to understand this one, but if you want to catch up, check out Three in the Sand.