Guarded By The Alpha


I try to deny that she’s my mate.
But something within me knows otherwise.

 Avery is a stranger to my little town of Blue Creek.
This sexy woman shows up out of nowhere.
I offer her my rental house.
But what I really want to give her is my body.
I can sense she’s in trouble but she won’t admit it.
As the town sheriff, it’s my job to protect everyone.
And as the pack alpha, it’s my job to lead them.
But Avery is as feisty as she is gorgeous.
And she refuses to accept my help or leadership.
She says she doesn’t plan to stay long.
That she doesn’t want anyone to get killed because of her.
And while she’s in town, she does what she wants.
While all I want her to do is me.
I know she feels the same way;
our chemistry is undeniable.
The heat between us is boiling over,
no matter how hard we try to deny it.
I’ve never had a mate before,
and that’s how I thought I liked it.
And Avery doesn’t seem like the settling down type.
Yet I can’t seem to see a future without her.
I know I should stay away… but I can’t resist her.

Does this mysterious stranger bring bad luck for my pack?
Or happiness I never thought I’d find with anyone?

  Guarded By The Alpha is a steamy wolf shifter paranormal romance of approximately 22,000 words.
It’s a standalone with no cheating and no cliffhanger, but definitely with a happily ever after and a lot of steam!

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