He’s the only man I’ve ever wanted my whole life.

Too bad he’s my father’s closest friend and former business partner.

Now that my father has retired, his advertising company is failing, and I want to save it.

I just have to make sure I can get hired.

My last interview is with the man of my dreams: Jack Mitchell, my father’s best friend.

He’s known me all my life, watched me grow into adulthood,

And I’ve always thought he was the sexiest man ever.

He’s excited to have my youthful exuberance and skills onboard,

But part of me knows he appreciates my other assets.

As we pull the company out of the hole,

All I can think about is Jack putting his dick in mine.

Will he cross the line to have me?

And if he makes my dreams come true, will my father find out?


Handful is a standalone romance novella featuring a dominant, billionaire alpha male and the curvy, feisty woman he falls for. It has no cheating and no cliffhangers, but a very happy ever after and plenty of steam.