In It For Real

Is this fake relationship turning into the real deal?

Sal is the rich, handsome friend of my cousin Rayneli’s husband Stephen.
As soon as we meet, sparks fly.
But neither of us think the other is the type for a real relationship.
Then I find out that Sal needs a wife and baby, pronto.
His mom’s in poor health; he wants her to live long enough to see him married.
He’s willing to pay me a hefty fee to play the role for five years.
I figure, why not? I’ve been wanting to settle down and have kids.
Except that I thought it would be with someone who wants me for me.
I start to fall for Sal but I tell myself not to be naive.
And not to think he’s falling for me, either, even if he acts like he is.
Sure, Sal’s big cock fits in my pussy like we were meant to be.
But that doesn’t mean we actually are, right?

This is just a mutually beneficial business transaction.
So why does it seem like he’s stealing my heart?

In It for Real is a standalone steamy bad boy fake fiance romance novel. If you’d like to read Teresa and Campbell’s story first, it can be found in In Deep. And if you’d like to read Rayneli and Stephen’s story, it can be found in In Too Deep. However, it isn’t necessary to read those stories to understand this one. In It for Real has no cheating, no cliffhangers and a very happy ending!