Inked in Joy: A Father’s Best Friend Romance



He’s bad news. So why does he feel so good?

Bella: My dad’s friend Manny is a lot older than I am.
I also know they’re in some sort of dispute.
I should stay away from Manny’s chiseled, tatted body.
But when he threatens to kidnap me, I let him!
It’s Christmas and I want to give him my virginity as a gift.
But he’s threatening life as my dad and I know it.
How can I love and hate him so much at the same time?
And why can’t I stop myself from giving into him?

Manny: I know I should keep my hands off Kevin’s daughter.
She’s so young and I’m probably twice her age.
Not to mention that her dad owes me big time.
And even though he’s my friend, I have to appear tough.
It’s why I’m constantly in the Dark Ink tattoo shop.
My other friend Holden gives me scary-looking tattoos.
But could I really do what’s necessary to collect on a debt?
Even if that means stealing Bella from her dad?
She’s collateral but I want to f*ck her for her very first time.
And she seems to want to let me!

It will take a Christmas miracle to work this out together.
But my heart and c*ck are too wrapped up in Bella not to try.

Inked in Joy is a standalone bad boy Christmas novel of nearly 30,000 words, with no cliffhangers, no cheating and a happily ever after. It is book 5 in the Dark Ink series, which can be read and understood in any order but are best when binge read all together!

Juliana Conners has teamed up with Cameron Collins to blend her steamy, spicy style with his gritty, suspenseful bad boy ways, just in time for you to have a Sizzling Hot Christmas!