Inked in Protection

I know I’m not supposed to get with my best friend’s little sister.
But since when have I ever played by the rules?

Aleah is ten years younger than me and I’m her brother’s best friend.
I’ve always wanted her but it would only complicate things.
He’s the manager of my boxing career.
And he’s worked out a deal with his friend Ryan at Dark Ink.
They cross-promote the tattoo shop and my fights.
Since he’s focused on the finances, I need to focus on what matters.
Friendship, and my performance in the ring.
NOT on his little sister’s curvy ass or innocent looking eyes.
But then Sebastian gets attacked and I’m determined to protect Aleah.
She was living with him and his baby daughter.
But there’s no way I’m leaving them in danger and vulnerable.
They come to stay with me and soon I can’t resist her.
I’m making dinner for her and the baby.
And then eating her for dessert after we get her niece down to sleep.
It’s a surprisingly nice domestic life mixed with tons of chemistry.
But what will her brother think when he wakes up from his coma?
And what if the same person who attacked him comes for us next?

Is this just a distracting fling full of fun flirting and hot sex?
Or can we find lifelong happiness in the midst of turmoil?

Inked in Protection is a brother’s best friend romance with no cliffhangers, no cheating and a happy ever after. It is Book 6 in the Dark Ink series, which are standalone books that can be read and understood in any order but are best when binge read all together.