Inked in Vice

Am I falling for my tough-as-nails fake fiancée… for real?

Lanora’s a detective working a criminal case.
And she thinks I might be able to help her out.
One of my old high school buddies is a prime suspect.
He’s invited me to find out more about his operation.
He thinks I might want in, but he couldn’t be more wrong.
Lanora wants me to invite her along.
That way she can see for herself what he’s up to.
But we’ll have to be very convincing about why she’s with me.
In fact, we’ll have to pretend we’re engaged.
I agree to do it, but it’s only fair if she helps me out, too.
Usually I’m a player but I’ve been going through a dry spell.
And I haven’t seen anyone as hot as her – ever.
The way she wears her uniform is so hot I want to rip it off.
I also want her down on her knees, with my cock in her mouth.
Then I want to fuck her all night long, like it’s our real wedding night.
There’s just one problem – she’s attached to her job.
And I might be getting a bit too attached to her.
Should I satisfy my raging lust or protect my vulnerable heart?

Or is there a way to pull off both, while also helping her solve the crime?

Inked in Vice is a standalone full-length romance novel. It’s third in the Dark Ink series about bad boy tattoo parlor owning friends. The books can be read and understood on their own but are best enjoyed all together! It has no cheating, no cliffhangers and a happy ever after. It combines Cameron Collins’ suspenseful writing style with Juliana Conners’ signature steam, to make a book you won’t be able to put down!

WARNING: The book is dark and gritty in nature and contains some sensitive subjects, including the investigation of human trafficking and young prostitutes. Please read only if you are comfortable with these topics, as well as explicit sexual content and profanity.