Love Bunny

I want her to put all her eggs in my basket, but she is carrying a secret of her own.

It’s Easter and I’m stuck at work.

Ever since Bunny, my best employee, broke up with me.

She avoids me at the office and her work has gone downhill.

Now we are both working on a Sunday.

I have to confront her about her work and about our past.

She won’t tell me why we are no longer together.

I still want her and can’t accept that she won’t be mine.

An April storm rages around us.

And Bunny is just as brash, unpredictable and exciting as the storm.

I try to control her rage by taking her in my arms.

I pull her close and feel her wetness against my body as we f*ck like rabbits over my desk.

Will she keep running from me?

Or can I get her to tell me her secret and make her mine forever?

Love Bunny is a standalone Easter billionaire romance novella. It has no cheating, no cliffhanger, a happy ever after and plenty of sizzling hot steam!