My Billionaire Boss

My billionaire boss is keeping me under lock and key!

My new landlord just kicked me out of my apartment.
So, my boss offers to take me into his enormous mansion.
He says I can work from home as his “assistant.”
But he wants me to assist him with more than just paperwork!
How could I say no to someone so rich and handsome?
Even if he expects me to fulfill his every deep, dark desire.
I agree to be his captive while I’m staying at his house.
No matter how possessive or demanding he gets.

In fact, as a virgin, I like the idea.
I want this older, more experienced man to take my virginity.
But I have a feeling he might take more than that!
The deal is that he can do whatever he wants to my body.
But neither of us expected our hearts to get involved.

It’s supposed to be a temporary arrangement.
But what if we love it so much we want to make it permanent?


Originally published as Under Lock and Key by Jamie Knight, My Billionaire Boss is a standalone romance being published with Sizzling Hot Reads’ resident billionaire romance author Penny Madison. It has no cheating and no cliffhanger but it does have a very happily ever after and plenty of steam!