Rough Ride

REVISED & EXPANDED 2nd Edition for St. Patrick’s Day!
I’m going to give her the ride of her life.

When I see Nova on the side of the road,
it’s like a match made in Heaven… or Hell.
Because she could get me into a lot of trouble.
Still, I’m Irish and it’s St. Patrick’s Day.
And I can’t help but think she’s my lucky charm.
Her curvy ass cheeks peek out from her short skirt.
As if she’s just begging me to squeeze them.
And we’re both running away from something.
But for different reasons.
I know I should leave her alone.
She’s young and innocent, and just needs a ride.
I could give her one, all right. On my big, fat c*ck.
Yet despite how much I want to pop her juicy cherry,
I tell myself she’s way too young for me.
I’ve finally gotten a fresh start.
So, I can’t mess that up by doing anything bad.
But I’m not known for being a good boy.
And she makes it too hard for me to resist.
I decide to let myself do what I want with her body.
But I’m not expecting my heart to get involved.

Her destination’s coming up soon but I see a future with her.
Yet will she still want me when she learns about my past?

Rough Ride is a standalone virgin and bad boy, age gap romance that combines Juliana Conners’ famous heat with Cameron Collins’ gritty bad boy style. This second edition has been revised and expanded with extra scenes for St. Patrick’s Day, including steamy ones! It has no cheating, no cliffhanger, a happily ever after and plenty of holiday heat.

Originally published on September 8, 2020, this revised second edition release is hot off the Sizzling Hot Reads press as of March 16, 2022.