Second Christmas

One Christmas day will be twice the fun…Adam and I found our second chance two Thanksgivings ago.

Now we’ve been married for over a year.
So it’s our second Christmas together as a married couple.
And we’re finding out that things don’t always go super smoothly.
We have some normal marital problems.
And there’s something small – but big!- Adam doesn’t know about.
Will he be happy to receive his Christmas gift?
It includes some big surprising news.
I know just the thing to warm him up for it.
It involves his c*ck in my mouth.
And then filling up my p*ssy – which is how it all started.
We might need second helpings of Christmas s*x first!

Are we ready to expand our family?
Or will our second Christmas bring storms other than snow?

Second Christmas is a steamy secret baby holiday romance novella that is a follow up book to Second Helpings. You’ll want to read that book first! It features a very HEA, no cliffhangers and is completely safe, with no hint of cheating and the couple only ever being with each other.