Snow Job

I’m stranded with a possessive billionaire,
in an isolated cabin in the woods.
He always gets what he wants,
and he wants to pass the time with me
in very particular ways.

My new, older boss is super handsome and filthy rich.
We’re on a business trip when a blizzard causes an emergency landing.
Now we’re snowed in, and his private jet isn’t the only thing going down.
He wants to own me, claim me, dominate me.
Have his way with every part of me, and not let me leave his sight.
Once we’re back in the real world, things will go back to normal.
I’ll keep working for him so I can take care of my son.
He has a child of his own to worry about, in addition to his business.
I’m just his temporary plaything and I can’t fall for him.

But while I’m loving that he does what he wants with my body,
what if he steals my heart?

Snow Job is a full length standalone romance novel. It features a dominant alpha male and the feisty, curvy lady who wins his heart, plus plenty of steam. It has no cheating, no cliffhangers and a happily ever after.