Sold at School

I shouldn’t take her innocence.
But thanks to those curves, I can’t help myself.

She’s so young, only in college.
I’m so much older and more experienced.
I shouldn’t want to take her over my knee or on top of my desk.
But she bats those pretty eyes at me so hard.
It’s like she’s telling me come and get her.
(More like come and tie her up and cum in her)!

It’s driving me crazy, but I resist.
Until I see her up on stage at The Exchange Club’s auction.
She’s selling her virginity, and I’m determined to win it.
I’m a billionaire, so I can pay any price.
I’m not going to let one of these old perverts take it.
Plus, I’ve been destined to claim her.
Ever since she stepped foot in my classroom.

I have certain needs I’m not sure she’ll be able to fulfill.
But just one night of ecstasy with her is all I want.
And she said she’s selling anything I want.
Let’s hope she understands what that means.
Spanking, tying her up, and blindfolding her.
If she doesn’t know, she’s about to get taught a lesson.
It’s about how to let me use her for my pleasure.
And she’ll be plenty pleasured, too.

I never buy more than one night, of course.
But am I more hooked on her than I thought?

Sold at School is a box set of four billionaire and virgin auction romance novellas by USA Today bestselling author of erotic romance, Juliana Conners. They’re standalones that take place in the shared world of The Exchange Club, so they’re best read altogether, and here’s your chance to get them all in one place for a discounted price.

The books included in this collection are Sold to My Professor, Sold on Spring Break, Sold at the Graduation Party, and the bonus novella Sold on Graduation Day, which is a follow up book to Sold at the Graduation Party and features the same couple as in that book (Sheila and Professor Sean Kennedy).

Make sure to read these books by the beach, pool, a big glass of water or a fan because they’re sure to bring lots of scorching heat to your summer vacation!