Sold at the Company Party Novella

I never thought I’d meet the love of my life at an auction where I was selling my virginity.

But what does reality have in store for us after a night of fantasy come true?

He’s a billionaire who bought me at an auction.

Now we’re in true love… or so I think.

But it’s been a while and Gavin hasn’t proposed.

Our friends are getting married and having babies.

Will it ever be our turn?

I enjoy letting him dominate me in the bedroom.

I want to let him tie me up, spank me, and play with me forever.

But I’m anxiously awaiting our happily ever after.

Was it just a night of paid for passion?

Or Is this true love that can last a lifetime?


Sold at the Company Party is a novella in the Sold at the Auction series. It should be read after Sold on St. Patrick’s Day because it features the characters from that book (Jade and Gavin). It also features characters from Sold on Valentine’s Day and Sold as a Fake Fiancé. This novella has been edited and expanded, with additional steamy scenes and a longer ending for Jade and Gavin. It has no cheating, no cliffhangers and a very happy ever after!