Sold at the Thanksgiving Dinner Party

They want to give me something to be thankful for…


I’m too broke to go home for Thanksgiving,
So my best friend, Aiden, invited me to a huge dinner party at his mansion.
I’ve finally decided to tell him how I feel,
But my plans go out the window when the auction starts.
Aiden and his two best friends want to win my virginity,
And share me like a tasty side dish.
I decide to take the plunge and let THEM take the plunge into all my holes at once.
They plan to stuff me like a Thanksgiving turkey,

But will our hearts end up tossed aside with the leftovers?
Or will we end up with a four-way happy ending for dessert?


Sold at the Thanksgiving Dinner is a standalone reverse harem romance novella featuring all the kinky naughtiness you’ve come to know and love in a Sierra/Juliana collaboration. It features three men pleasing one lucky lady – no swords cross! It has a happy ever after, no cheating and no cliffhanger.