Sold for the Holidays Bonus Novella



They bought my virginity for the holidays.
But now they want to marry me on Christmas Eve.
And keep me as their special gift forever.

Three handsome billionaires bought me at an auction on Thanksgiving.
I was too shy to offer up my virginity.
So they bid on the chance to give me oral sex.
It was so good they invited me to another auction on Christmas.
Then I offered up everything to them.
And I do mean everything.
They said they wanted my wet p*ssy and my curvy @ss.
Then they said they wanted to be with me forever.
Our wedding will be on Christmas Eve.
But will my parents and society accept us?

Can we keep the sexy spirit of Christmas alive year round?
Or are our dreams of having a happily ever after too good to be true?

Sold for the Holidays is a bonus novella that continues the story of Renee and her three billionaires fromĀ Sold and Re-Gifted and which is being published for the first time as a new release on December 24, 2019 as part of theĀ Sold to the Gang for the Holidays box set.