Sold in Aspen Novella

It may be cold here in Aspen

But I’ll throw my wood on her fire all night to keep her warm.

It all started in this small winter town.

The moment I laid eyes on that hot piece of a** at The Exchange Club,

I knew I wanted to possess her, dominate her and claim her as mine.

Who would have known she would become my future wife.

Now that we’re about to get married,

I want to re-live the night I took her as mine.

Can we continue to keep the magic alive?

Or will our relationship snowball into nothing?

Sold in Aspen is a follow up novella in the Sold at the Auction series. It continues Mariah and Paul’s story as well as the rest of the characters in the Sold at the Auction in Aspen Box Set. It was originally a bonus novella in the Sold at the Auction in Aspen Box Set but has since been revised and expanded with some new steamy scenes and story lines added. It contains no cliffhangers, no cheating and a very happy ever after.