Sold to the Gang for the Holidays Box Set



This Christmas, I’m giving up my most special gift.
My virginity.
To not just one man, but three.

They’re billionaires who buy me at an auction.
Promising to be gentle, one of them pops my cherry.
Then they all take turns and share me together.
The special Christmas magic happens when they get rough.
Spanking my @ss while pinching my n!pples.
Having all my holes filled is the perfect Christmas gift for me.
But then they each want to keep seeing me.
And some natural jealousy ensues.
I can’t choose between them.

They’ll have to get along to keep stuffing my stocking together.
Can my sexy Santas learn to share me all year long?

Sold to the Gang for the Holidays is a box set collection of Sold at the Thanksgiving Party, Sold at the Mansion on Thanksgiving, Sold and Re-Gifted and a new, exclusive bonus novella, Sold for the Holidays, which is a follow up to Sold and Re-Gifted. They feature multiple billionaires sharing and pleasuring one curvy, feisty lady – it’s all about her and no swords cross in these. They have no cliffhanger, no cheating and a very happily ever after for all involved.