Sold to the Gang on Halloween Box Set

We’ll show her all our tricks,

And give her our sweet treats.

We’re filthy rich and looking for a good time.

This isn’t just any Halloween Party we’re attending.

We’re bidding on girls to let us have our way with them.

The only problem is that we all want the same girl.

We want to rip that sexy Devil costume off of her tight ass and luscious breasts.

How will we decide who gets to bob for her apples?

Or will she be willing to let us cram her tight all at once?  

And what if this sexy devil steals all three of our hearts all year long?

Sold to the Gang on Halloween is a Halloween themed box set that’s part of the Sold to the Gang series. It contains Sold on Halloween, Sold at the Costume Party and Sold at the Halloween Mansion. These reverse harem romance novellas contain no cheating, no cliffhangers and a very happy ever after for all involved. It involves multiple men pleasing one lucky lady- no swords cross!