Stuffed by my Stepdad, Part One: Taboo Age Gap Erotic Romance



Amelia: I’ve been saving my virginity for someone special, and I think Jim’s the one.  I know I should stay away but I want him to stuff me full for my very first time!

Jim: There are a lot of reasons I shouldn’t touch Amelia. I’m her new stepdad. And probably twice her age. But she’s so hot and curvy that I can’t help it.

In this new serial, Amelia meets her mom’s latest flame in a string of men… except this one, Jim, is super hot and she can’t help but want him, bad!

But she knows she shouldn’t give into her feelings for this much older man who has the misfortune of being married to her floozy of an absentee mother.

Jim wants Amelia as badly as Amelia wants him and he’s a man who always goes after what he wants and doesn’t take no for an answer.

Plus, Amelia’s only resisting him because she thinks it would be too socially unacceptable for them to be together, right?

Jim knows that once he gets Amanda to give into her wildest desires for him, she’ll be thanking him all night long!

Introducing Marie Young, which is how I write older man/younger woman forbidden age gap erotic romance. These books are short and spicy and full of lots of taboo steam you can’t find anywhere else because they’re too HOT for Amazon or other platforms!

Content warning: This serial contains scenes of r*pe fantasy/dubcon, BDSM/discipline, rough/degrading s*x and PI/taboo content that some readers might find objectionable… but others will find delectable!

Published on May 12, 2023, this book is only $2.99 and will help you delve into your deepest, darkest, most forbidden fantasies!