Tackled by the Team



They want to pass me around like a football.
And I want to let them.

I’ve lived a boring life in my small town of Morgansboro.
And I’m always pining away for my high school ex, Scott.
I’m still a virgin because he’s the only guy I’ve ever wanted.
But he left to play football in college, and now professionally.
And he had a fantasy about sharing me with his team.
I used to think it would cause too much jealousy or resentment.
But now it’s all I can think about.
All I want in my mundane life is to fulfill that dirty dream of his.
I think I’d like it just as much as he would.
But I’m not sure how to make it happen.
Things start to get exciting when my friend invites me to a party.
I hear it’s a wild and crazy one, where things get really kinky.
And things get really good when I see that Scott’s there, too.

He’s back in town to come to this party.
Or it because he wants to make me cum for him…
and all his teammates, too?!

Tackled by the Team is the first book in an installment serial featuring reverse harem romance mixed with gangbang erotica that will blow your mind with its heat level. It’s TOO hot for Amazon and features taboo themes like dubcon and rough/degrading s*x.

If you like steamy action between one curvy virgin and the multiple hot, strong football players who want to share her and please her (no swords cross in this series), you’ll love this new series. This first installment was published on March 1, 2023, and you can start reading it today for only $2.99!