Triple Hot Summer: Menage and Reverse Harem Romance Box Set




Just one billionaire was heating up my summer.
Now there’s two more wanting to really make it sizzle!

I’m starting to think it’s the best summer ever.
I never thought three hot, rich guys would all want me.
But when they start to fight over me,
things get complicated fast.
All of them are romantic and so good in bed.
Not to mention fun and exciting to be around.
So, I really can’t decide between them.
And I’m beginning to wonder if I have to.

Can I teach these competitive alpha males to share?
Because then this will be a summer made in heaven!

Triple Hot Summer is a box set of EIGHT steamy menage and reverse harem romance books, some of which are bisexual (swords cross) and others that are not (swords don’t cross).

The titles included in this collection are: Four Firemen for the 4th of July, Sold on the 4th of July Sold on Labor Day, Sold on the Beach, 6 Billionaires for the Picnic, 6 Billionaires for the Beach, 6 Billionaires for the Pool Party and 6 Billionaires for Life.

The books have no cheating and no cliffhanger, but they do have a happily ever after and plenty of sizzling hot heat.

Published to Sizzling Hot Reads on September 26, 2023, this is the last release in the Sizzling Summer Sale, and it’s only $4.99 for one week only, which is 50% off its normal price. Grab it before it goes up to $9.99 and make this HOT summer last just a little longer!