Wed in Vegas

We’re starting our new life together.
Then our old one rears its ugly head.

Everything between Ryan and me is going great.
We have out of this world, mind-blowing sex.
And our wedding is planned perfectly, since he’s rolling in dough.
I can’t wait to get married to him in just a few days.
But I miss my family back home in Russia.

And I’ve been itching to start one of our own.

So, I ask my fiancé to put a baby in my belly.

The next day, though, I find him talking with Vinny.
That’s the old boss I hoped I’d never see again.
It seems that Ryan wants to do more business with him.

I can’t stand the idea.
I’m starting to wonder if I should even go through with the wedding at all.

Can I trust my fiancé who is willing to deal with the man I hate?

Or does Ryan have a surprise for me,
that will change my definition of family forever?

Wed in Vegas is a follow up novelette to Won at the Craps Table, which is the fourth book in the Won in Vegas series. It follows Ryan and Sasha from that book and the characters from other Won in Vegas books re-appear in this one as well.

While you don’t have to have read the other books in the Won in Vegas series to enjoy Wed in Vegas, it’s highly recommended due to recurring characters and the shared world of the Las Vegas setting.