Working Harder

“I’m going to make sure you do exactly what I want!”

My new, older boss is so demanding.

He wants to be in control of my every move.

However, when he tells me to give him my virginity,

I can’t resist the order.

Now we are working morning, noon, and night.

He’s got me tied up in more than paperwork.

But no one can know!

We should stop before we lose our jobs.

But more then my body is his.


He owns my heart,

And is the father of my baby!

Working Harder is a collection of eight office romance books, published on August 15th,2021. Each book is standalone with no cheating, cliffhangers, a very happily ever after and lots of steam. The titles included are: Mouthful, His Curvy Dancer, Wet Honeymoon, Big Heart, More, Boss, Two Bad Bosses, Snowed In With My Two Bosses, and Two Billionaires for Christmas.