Bradford Brothers

First Comes Love: A Secret Baby Romance

It was only supposed to be a fun f*ck, a forbidden fling. She’s in town forfighter pilot training- plenty of time to hit it and quit it. I don’t want to gettied down. I just want to pin herup against a wall and rip that uniform off those gorgeous curves. F*ck her fighter jet.I’m going … Read More

Brothers United

I was united with my brothers in service to our country. Now, we’re united with our wives and families in love. I thought life after war would be a piece of cake. All I wanted was to take my curvy wife up to bed, and put a baby in her. But things don’t always go … Read More


My new patient, Brad, is an injured veteran. My work as a physical therapist can heal his body. It’s clear from his cocky attitude and foul mouth, though- His emotional wounds run even deeper. This ex SEAL fought valiantly for our country. But now he’s home and fighting an even bigger battle: To live as … Read More


But when my life spirals out of control, I find myself dragging him down with me. I know I’m lying about him. I can’t handle the truth. But I’ll handle this hot hunk of man for as long as he’ll let me. Even as I ruin his life.

Hot Single Daddy: A Second Chance, First Time Romance

Emily and I dated five years ago. It was the hottest relationship of my life. And we didn’t even go all the way. But I had wars to fight, and internal battles to overcome. Now I’m an ex-military badass. A decorated former SEAL. Not to mention the billionaire founder of a tech company. I could … Read More

SEAL’s Forbidden Baby

I was a decorated Navy SEAL. But an injury took me out of active duty. My friend Jensen got me a job training potential recruits. Carolyn is a young, curvy bombshell who’s in the program. She seems to have more interest in me than in the military. And I have to admit I can’t get … Read More