Highwater College

Triple Pass

It’s time for finals but I’m learning something that’s not on the test. I’m a nerdy, curvy math major at Highwater College with no time for dating. Now the Dean wants me to tutor our college’s star football players. The O’Connor triplets are handsome, popular frat boys who love to party. If I can’t convince … Read More

Double Down

My family is about to lose their house, My mother wants me to quit college and get a crappy job to save the house, But my scholarship is at stake and I won’t get another chance to go back, Now these super-hot identical twins both want me, And they’re willing to do anything to get … Read More

Quarter Notes

I’m having the worst freshman year at Highwater College. My roommate is a cheerleader, whose very presence makes me feel like a dork. I was a lowly member of the marching band, but now I’ve had even that distinction taken away from me. Due to spacing decisions, I’ve been forced out and assigned the duty … Read More